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Cricket Kids: Opposites

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Discover “Cricket Kids”, Slim Cricket’s line of educational products for children under 7.---- : It’s still a solid app for toddlers and preschoolers to learn opposites. : This is a super engaging app that my four year old loved. Any time my son sits so long and play an educational game, I’m a happy mom! We liked the concept, the engaging activities (with creative use the tablet's or phone's microphone and camera) and the humor and fun factor. It's an intuitive way for juniors ages 2-5 to learn about opposites. It’s a good activity app that’s worth checking out. ----
In this first episode "Cricket Kids: Opposites", your child will learn words and their opposites.
In each situation, they have to figure out the relationship between two possibilities (blow-out/light candles, make dirty/clean the screen, break/repair a robot, etc.)On each page, your child will find familiar situations from daily life.
They will learn and have fun at the same time as they follow our two cheeky little Crickets:*Learn vocabulary*Put things in order and make associations*Assemble a puzzle*Introduction to the reading and spelling of the words proposed*Practice using their voice*Distort their reflection*Touch, drag, blow, rub, shake and many other games...
"Cricket Kids: Opposites" is particularly suitable for children from 2 to 7 years-old.
Enjoy Slim Cricket's trademark intelligent, optimal use of the tablet format!
Share a magical moment with your child as they have fun learning.
A quiz at the end of the application assesses what your child has learned.
Features:*15 interactive pages*13 games*Available in 6 languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese)*20 minutes of fun for all the family*Delightfully illustrated with colourful characters*Extended activity with numerous interactive elements*Accompanied by original music
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